Geoponic Sustainability

The Village Hilltop Foundation, in partnership with BOS Development, LLC is launching two pilot vertical farm projects in Wilmington, Delaware as part of a “Farming it Forward” initiative. The first pilot will be located at the Bayard School, serving K-8 students from a diverse urban community on the west side of Wilmington. The second pilot will be at DNA Center, a former church property on South Jackson and Linden, and will expand their culinary entrepreneurship training program with the addition of a mobile vertical farm and horticulture therapy program. The projects will collaborate with Andrea Steele Architecture, NY Sun Works, Rutgers University Horticulture Therapy Program, Urban Crop Solutions and Farm Box Foods for curriculum design and technology deployment.

Our principles

Promoting sustainable practices to ensure a resilient and thriving urban food ecosystem.


Collaboration & Workforce Development


Fostering partnerships and collaboration with academic institutions and organizations to create innovative solutions for food sovereignty.

Advocating for equal access to nutritious food for vulnerable urban populations, addressing the issue of food deserts.

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